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Village : Kharhar

Block : Bahadurgarh

District : Jhajjar

State : Haryana

Country : India

Continent : Asia

About village :

Written by : hitesh , Posting id :1344 , Date : 2010/04/21-08:27:35 CDT , Report

in kharhar village a very big playing stadium is built in the behind of water tank. it has cemented streets,stretlight
Written by : anil(binu) , Posting id :19289 , Date : 2011/01/17-23:36:23 CDT , Report

In this village poltics is on top no body wants each other everybody wants to push one backside .loan holder in this village are in largest number .Sex ratio is under 800 . Lovingness is at its death point. Hatness is at top. Crime has entered. but still i love this village. Because its my village.
Written by : hitesh sir , Posting id :76990 , Date : 2011/06/14-20:33:38 CDT , Report

kharhar is a medium size village in jhajhar dist of haryana .it has bhapdoda chhara mandhauthi , roadh , asandha and mattan surrounding it . rathi/rathee is the gotra of this village .for administartive reasons it is devided into 5 pannas . each panna is atorised or known by the names of elders of that village . the village has a girls and boys government high schools .for college educations the children are still dependent on colleges in rohtak or bahadurgarh .with the improvement in transportation system the children do go to delhi for grduation and post graduation .it has a sizeable representation in the armed forces in all ranks .the commissioned officers include :-

maj abhay ram *

maj gen bs rathi

maj daryao singh **

brig dharamvir singh rathi vsm bar ( he has the distinction of going to antractica thrice and also the oldest at the age of 60 years

col sk rathee

brig davinder rathi( s/o **)

brig as rathi

col rs rathi (s/o*) col sc rathi

capt(hon) chandi ram and capt (hon) sher singh are other prominent personalities of kharhar

The village has had a representation in the state assemblies too pandit sarma ,ch:mehar singh rathee and shree chandram have held important portfolios in the state cabinates .

The state can boast of good sports men . shree daryao singh was a well known volleyball player Brig davinder rathi was a national sailor .

Shree ajit singh was awell known and popular head master who has contributed to the empowerment of the girl child . dr sarla has been the hod ao the pathology dept of medical college rohtak

the village stands out in the region for an over all development in every field
Written by : davinder , Posting id :13419 , Date : 2010/11/25-03:39:04 CDT , Report

kharhar village has a few famous religieous temples. these are (1) dada dev wala (2) navai (3) dada malde etc 9996702419
Written by : anil rathee(minu) , Posting id :19287 , Date : 2011/01/17-23:31:07 CDT , Report

Kharher village is very holy place in india.Villager are very hardworker & honest.No any dispute in the village.every person are helpfull for each other.every person are kind hearted.So,i love my is Parric of Haryana.
Written by : shri krishan , Posting id :72183 , Date : 2011/05/20-23:56:05 CDT , Report

Master Balwan singh is a very hard worker & honest teacher in the village.
Written by : shri krishan , Posting id :72181 , Date : 2011/05/20-23:46:11 CDT , Report

my name is mohit rathee(kala gogan school wala).i am reading in final year.

Written by : mohit(kala) , Posting id :21973 , Date : 2011/02/03-08:29:14 CDT , Report

my name is mohit rathee(kala gogan school wala).i am reading in final year.\r\r
Written by : mohit(kala) , Posting id :21974 , Date : 2011/02/03-08:29:53 CDT , Report

Phone No. of Mr. Parmod Kataria (JBT Teacher) at Kirdodh (Jhajjar)= 9315513388
Written by : parmod kataria , Posting id :15508 , Date : 2010/12/17-23:58:03 CDT , Report

thekedar family of the kharhar

1.gogan singh thekedar

2.balbir thekedar

3.chander thekedar

4.ramesh thekedar

5.suresh JE in water supily

Written by : mohit (kala) , Posting id :21976 , Date : 2011/02/03-08:44:37 CDT , Report

History :

Mr.Satesh Rathee to CM Pso & mohpe rathee is famous person in kharhar.written by:-Monu Ratheecont:-+919034969399
Written by : monu rathee , Posting id :117359 , Report

Contact Details :

my village kharhar very famous of haryana state and my village kharhar are famous is chater singh ki kothi
Written by : ajay(dany) , Posting id :19275 , Report

Advertisement :

Type : Grocery shop (parchun ki dukan )
Owner : Mr. J.S.Rathee(Jitender)

This shop is very famous and largest shop of kharhar village. Every body who belongs to kharhar knowns about this shop . This shop is called "Booti ki dukan" . Every thing is
available here .
Written by : sanjeet Rathee , Posting id :124390 , Report

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