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Village : Milkipur

Block : Milkipur

District : Faizabad

State : Uttar Pradesh

Country : India

Continent : Asia

About village :

All major Festivals Like
Holi, Deepawali, Eid,
Vijayadashami etc. are
celebrated with full zeal
and joy.
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Milkipur Is A Town, Tehsil, And a Constituency In Faizabad District.
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The town Milkipur and its
name originated from the
people of Milki Cast who
once lived here. The Milki
are a Muslim community
found in the state of Uttar
Pradesh in India. They are
also known as Malik, and
found entirely in the
Awadh region. A small
number of Milki are also
found in Karachi in
The Milki get their name
from the fact that their
ancestors were a class to
whom revenue free grants
(milk in Persian) of land
were made during the
period of the Delhi
Sultanate. They were
given these grants of land
as an incentive to settle
the land. In Unnao District,
they were substantial
landowners, and played
an important role in the
history of that district.
They were also the scribes,
administrators, writers,
magistrates, judges.
lawyers, chief executive
officers and village
accountants in the Awadh
region. The Milki were also
appointed to the position
of clerks and official record
keepers by the state. As
part of their duties, they
learnt Turkish and Arabic,
economics, administration
and taxation. They
successfully adapted
themselves as scribes and
functionaries under the
new colonial British. The
Milki have much in
common with the
neighbouring Muslim
community, the Kayastha
Muslim, with whom they
share many traditions and
The Milki of Unnao District
claim to be Siddiqui
Shaikhs, while those of
Azamgarh and Ballia claim
to be of Turk origin. All the
various groups of Milki
intermarry, and there are
also instances of
intermarriage with the
Qidwai and Kayastha
Muslim communities.
Some Milk are Sunni, while
other are Shia. They speak
standard Urdu, although
most also have an
understanding of the
Awadhi dialect of Hindi.
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Festival :

Milkipur celebrate all hindu and muslim festival.
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Location :

Milkipur Is Situated at Faizabad To Raibarely Road (State Highway 15). 32 K.M. Away From Faizabad District Headquarter.
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Telephone Directory :

Please provide me administrative officer list with contact nos.of milkipur tehsil.
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Milkipur Pin Code :

Milkipur pincode is 224164 .
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