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Village : Obulavaripalli

Block : Obulavaripalle

District : Cuddapah

State : Andhra Pradesh

Country : India

Continent : Asia

About village :

Hi this is naveen 4rm seshakkagari palli
Written by : Naveen , Posting id :87457 , Date : 2011/08/08-01:23:41 CDT , Report

My village. Obulavaripalli
Written by : Naveen , Posting id :68247 , Date : 2011/04/29-22:58:14 CDT , Report

Obulavari palli is the one of village in kadapa distic famous in obulavari palli school big ground and education is excellent
Written by : Venkat , Posting id :69811 , Date : 2011/05/07-14:29:40 CDT , Report

obulavaripalli mandalm chennarajupodu is famous village our president J mani in chennarajupodu different relegions there.?Many of them hindu praying for rama in this village three rama temple and one masid is there.
Written by : prudhvi raju , Posting id :11183 , Date : 2010/10/22-05:13:30 CDT , Report

Temple / Church / Mosque/ Gurdwara :

Obulavaripalli mandal g.v.puram village famus temple in sivaalayam
Written by : Venkat , Posting id :64499 , Report

Education Schools Colleges:

Date : 24/3/2011
List of High Schools.
District : Kadapa
Mandal :Obulavaripalle
S.No. School Code Name Postal Address
1 Z.P.High School Peddaorampadu,
Obulavaripalli ,
2 Z.P.High School Bommavaram (Village
&Post), B.P.Racha Palli,
3 Z.P.High School Racha Palli B.P.,
4 Z.P.High School Mukkavaripalli,
Mukkavaripalli (Post),
5 Z.P.High School Chinnaorampadu(V),
6 Z.P.High School Obulavaripalli Vil,
Obulavaripalli Mandal,
7 Z.P.High School Chennarajupodu (Village &
Post), Obulavari Palli ,
8 Z.P.High School Y. Kota (Vill), Obulavaripalli

Written by : venkat , Posting id :61107 , Report

Date : 24/3/2011List of High Schools.District : KadapaMandal :ObulavaripalleS.No. School Code Name Postal Address1 Z.P.High School Peddaorampadu,Obulavaripalli ,2 Z.P.High School Bommavaram (Village&Post), B.P.Racha Palli,KADAPA DIST3 Z.P.High School Racha Palli B.P.,Bommavaram(Village),Kadapa(Dist)4 Z.P.High School Mukkavaripalli,Mukkavaripalli (Post),KADAPA (DIST)5 Z.P.High School Chinnaorampadu(V),Obulavaripalli(M),6 Z.P.High School Obulavaripalli Vil,Obulavaripalli Mandal,7 Z.P.High School Chennarajupodu (Village &Post), Obulavari Palli ,8 Z.P.High School Y. Kota (Vill), Obulavaripalli(Mandal),
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Obulavaripalli Pin Code :

Obulavaripalli pincode is 516108 .
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Other detail:

Hi this is venkat in the village g.v.puram . This village is educated less percentage(below 60) pepoles and this village income is more percentage(kuwait,bopapay,thamalapaku and mango etc..,)
Written by : Venkat , Posting id :69809 , Report

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