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Village : Sholavaram

Block : Sholavaram

District : Thiruvallur

State : Tamil Nadu

Country : India

Continent : Asia

Temple / Church / Mosque/ Gurdwara :

Siddhar Temple, Karanodai.(Pathinen Siddhar Peedam Madam Karukulam, Pathinettamman Temple, Kurumaariamman Temple, Ammaiyappar Temple, Siddhar Karu Ooraar Temple) This temple is located in Karanodai coming under Sholavaram Postal circle. This is the main Sivan Temple in Karanodai. It was founded in the year 1986. The land for this temple was part of the big property owned by Late Mr. Munivel Pillai. Mr Nageswaran, the son of Mr Munivel Pillai sold this land to His Holiness Siddhar Karu Ooraar the 12th Pathinen Siddhar Peedam in the year 1986. His Holiness modified this land slowly to bring sacredness and divine power to the place. His Holiness installed a lot of divine Chakras bearing copper plates at many locations within the boundary. He also asked His disciples to plant as many trees as possible. In a matter of 4 years, the place became a powerful temple where three different types of Divine Cobras found their abode. In another 4 years, the trees grew up to make it look like a forest. His Holiness Siddhar Karu Ooraar frequented this place many times and conducted prayers, fire-worships, ... to bring a divine atmosphere inside the temple. He also performed extensive prayers to bring Kurumaari Amman inside the temple from Celestial Space. It is to be noted that the Kurumaari Amman Temple is the first of its kind in this entire world. Pillaiyaar resides with two wives in another sanctum sanctorum. Some special aspects of this temple can be observed very quickly by any one who enters the temple. The two main Karuvarais (sanctum sanctorums) near the entrance of the temple face the Ammai Appar Ilingam at an angle of 45 degrees. The temple itself is a West facing one. The Flag post is almost in the center of the temple land. Around the flag post there are four main Yaaga Kundams for Sivan, Thirumaal, Arumugan and Piraman (Brahma). There are 18 peedams for 18 Ammans (Pathinettamman). There is a Thaamarai Kulam (temple pond) in the South West direction of the temple. In 1998, His Holiness Siddhar Karu Ooraar decided to enter into Samadhi. The disciples of His Holiness established His Samadhi inside the temple itself. This made the temple more powerful and beneficial to all people of the World. This is because, His Holiness Siddhar Karu Ooraar is the World Teacher (Gnaala Kuru), the Father of Indhuism (Indhu Madha Thanthai), Teacher for all the peole taking births in this world (Kuvalaya Kuru Peedam), and so on. After 1998, many people in and around this region started visiting the temple to seek benefits. All those who visited this temple with a particular unfulfilled desire got their desires fulfilled very quickly. But it requires them to learn the life and mission of His Holiness Siddhar Karu Ooraar. Once they learn that and accept His mission, whatever they desire would get fulfilled. There are many living proofs in this region. The Mission of His Holiness Siddhar Karu Ooraar is to make Tamilians understand the following: Tamils are the founders of Indhuism and all the religions around the world are the children of Indhuism. Tamil is the Divine Language and the entire divine world speaks only Tamil. Tamils are the aborigines of the country India and they only lived from Kashmir to Kanyakumari till 3000 years back. After that only foreigners came to live in India and brought their culture into this Indhuistic Tamils\' India. Indhu Vedham is the bible of Indhu Religion. This text is in readable Tamil only. The Sanskrit vedas came into existence by translating a few lines here and there from this Indhu Vedham. In addition the Sanskrit Vedas contain a lot of arbitrarily included meaningless statements imagined by those foreigners. The claiming of Sanskrit as the mother language started dominating the Tamils only after the burning of Madurai City in the first century of Common Era. The sanskrit language entered in the temples only after the fall of Pandiya Kingdom in the first century CE. Understanding all these, the Tamilians should start using Tamil as the prayer language under all circumstances. The Tamil Language alone should be used in all Temple rites and prayers. ... ... ... (More can be learnt from the disciples of His Holiness or read directly from the writings of His Holiness.) This Siddhar temple at Karanodai is not just another temple in this country. It is the temple of all Temples. One can realize this after praying here for a few minutes and learning about the Vision and Mission of His Holiness Siddhar Karu Ooraar. Today, the temple itself remains as an insignificant place in Karanodai because of lack of funds and support. But the power of the temple is extra-ordinary in all respects.
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Education Schools Colleges:

Schools in Sholavaram
1 . Government Girls High School

2 . Saraswathi Vidyalaya School

3 . Panchayat Union Primary School

4 . Adi Dravidar Welfare Primary School

5 . Government Higher Secondary School

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