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Village : Unwana
Country : Nigeria
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Unwana map

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History :

Ali Unwara unu jokwa oo. Historical note about Unwara. By ancient tradition the Unwara people are said to enjoy the headship and senior partnership with six brothers in the family of seven. These brothers where Unwara, Amaseri, Nguzu, Ohafia, Akaeze , and Mpu in their order of seniority. It is believed that these seven brothers moved together from their original home around Ukana near Arochukwu and founded Elu Ohafia. From there they moved northwards to a point near Abiriba where they some pitched skirmishes and disputes cause them to move camp once more. Here, Igbere and his children moved westward Abiriba and settled at the place still known as Igbere. Further movements and settlements brought about the founding of Nguzu, Ekoli Unwara ,and Ogwuma, and Eluunwara, before Amaseri and Mpu moved on to found their own areas. The senior brothers and his immediate relatives, after settling for some time between Ekoli, Ogwuma and Eluunwara, held council and decided to move eastwards : first, in search of their brethern, secondly in quest of more military adventures, and thirdly for farmland. The movements, it must be noted, were not without some difficulties and personal sacrifices. The Unwara ara said to have been military in nature and mercenary in habit. Minstrels tell us that Unwara crack battallions, as brave soldiers, took part in tribal war as far off as Awkuzu and Elugwu (Enugu). In pursuit of the third objective, namely more farmland, they divided again: the Agha Inya and the Nnam Agha. One group moved eastward to the southern part of Unwara, called Ohata, while the other group moved towards the northeast through Udelegbe, Oziza , Ndibe, Ehohia-Nkalu and on to Enohia kpoghirikpo and Ichiakara. The Agha Inya group moved across a stream further east from their settlement by felling the trunk of a tree called Uburubo, and later named that stream Ngele Uburubo. They settled at Agbafia, Igom, and Adim Abini in the Ugep area. When the tow groups had parted, they had hoped to meet again somewhere farther east . Now, in disappointment and dissatisfaction in the nature of the land on the other side of the stream, the recrossed back to Ahonta where they settled, in utter disblief that they had forever lost their brethern . The Nnam group, which we call Ndemiyi also resigned themselves to the thought of having lost their brethern at Ichiakara. These events happened 2000 years ago. It is worth noting that the Ngele Uburubo is the self same Cross River meandering in a southerly direction and scanning the alluvium deposit below the western portion of the Ohan Hills. Unwara perches beautifully at a most unique sport at the tapering southwestern end of the Oban Plateau-a city set on the hill UNWANA.
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Location :

Unwana City is located in Ebonyi state in easthern region of Nigeria in is bounded in the west by cross-state river and in the south by Afikpo. Closer Airport:-Enugu international airport[47nmN],Owerri airport[48nmW],Calabar international airport[54nmS],Portharcourt international airport[74nmS]. Near by Cities and Towns IN Unwana West:-Ebunwana[4.0nm], Achara[4.0nm], Kpogrikpo[2.0nm], Ogbu[2.2nm], Anofia[2.2nm], Amoncha[3.2nm], Obum[1.4nm], Abrijang[2.2nm], Abayono[3.1nm], Ibaribara[3.6nm], Ijom[3.8nm], Etali[1.0nm], Edu[2.0nm], Umu Eworo[2.2nm], Usukpan[3.0nm], Ipene[2.2nm], Afono[3.2].
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Notable persons :

Unwana town has many noteable people,they include late Ezeogo Dr Akanu Ibiam the first governor of easthern nigeria,Ezeogo Dr Alu Ibiam who was the princess of unwana etc.
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Hotels :

Hotel\\\\\\\'s in Unwana town is river side hotel unwana, poly bride hotel unwana,unwana city hotel etc.restaurnat\\\\\\\'s in unwana town include new heaven restaurnat,ikeja restaurnat,honey moon restaurnat,level pass level restaurnat etc.unwana town has about more than 5000 lodge\\\\\\\'s which include victoria lodge, efcc lodge, morning star lodge,mavelous lodge etc
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Other detail:

-Geographical study of Unwan city-. Unwana is a city on the hill, which is the home town of late Ezeogo Dr Akanu Ibiam,who was the first governor of easthern Nigeria.-LOCATION: Unwana city is located in easthern Nigeria at Ebonyi state. It is located in latitude 5.7833\' and in logitude 7.9333\'. Altitude(feet) 354, lat(DMS) 5\'46\',long(DMS) 7\'55\'60E,altitude(meters)107. -Position:- Unwana city is bounded in the west by cross-river state river,in the west by Afikpo.-Sze:- Unwana city has a total land area of approximately 190km^2 but actual occupies 10% of the total land area.-People and population:- the Igbo remains the largest tribe in Unwana city. As the place where Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic is located and the capital of Ubenyi Development center. It also inhabits some of tribe in the country.Althrough Unwana city is among the largest town in Ebonyi at 1991,the total population of Unwana was put at 85,000 people. -TIME ZONE:- the time zone Unwana city in Africa/Lagos is Morning sunrise at 06:45 and evening sunset at 18:36 its dark.-RELIEF:- Unwana city is a highland area of 200m above sea-level.the town can be divided into two sub-region,namely:{1} the narrow lowland area with rivers itara river and Ubeny river.[2] low-narrow sandy beach.-DRAINAGE:- Unwana City is purely a riverine has beautiful beach like Unwana beach and Ozara lekki.-CLIMATE:- Unwana City is located in the equatorial climate belt of has high temperature of between 27\' and 38\' with low annual range of temperature.rainfall is high with maxima during June/July and september/october with a short August break,humidity,due to its nearness to the river is moderat.- VEGETATION:- Unwana City have one vegetation belt which is the fresh water swamp.-ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES:- Inhabitant of Unwana City are involved in a large number nf Economic activities which include: small scale industries,fishing,Addminstration,Commercial, Transportation, Trading and Education.
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